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Looking for a bachelor’s degree program that you can adapt to your skills and ambitions? You will find them in our TU/e Bachelor College. Whether you want to know everything there is about a specific topic or live for making new connections, we will support you in putting together the course program that will help you make your dreams come true. Every innovation starts with a dream. That is why TU/e supports yours. Prime your imagination by taking a look at the dreams and stories of our students.

TU/e Bachelor College

Are you thinking of doing a bachelor’s degree program at Eindhoven University of Technology? Then you are on your way to becoming a future-proof engineer. An engineer ready to create technological solutions for the challenges our world faces - not just today, but in the future as well.

The dreams of our students

Structure of a bachelor’s degree program

After obtaining your Bachelor of Science degree, you are perfectly prepared to do a two-year master’s degree program. Each TU/e bachelor’s degree program takes three years and consists of:

  • A major

  • Basic subjects

  • Free electives

  • USE courses

Selection or study-choice check

The personal, small-scale nature of our high-quality education requires an optimum number of students. If too many applications come in, some of our programs may use a selection procedure. For programs without selection, every new student needs to do a study-choice check.

Binding study recommendation

The goal of your first year is to find out whether the degree program you are doing is a good match. After your first year at TU/e, we will evaluate your progress and give you a binding study recommendation – whether you may continue studying in your current program. Your first-year achievements at TU/e are a reliable indicator of your expected study success.  

Positive recommendation?
With a positive recommendation - which you will receive if you earn 45 ECTS or more in your first year - you are free to continue the educational track you are following.  

Negative recommendation?
With a negative recommendation - fewer than 45 ECTS - you will not be permitted to continue your studies or re-enroll in this track for three years.  


Are you up for a challenge? Are you always looking just a little further to deliver excellent results? Are you fascinated by scientific breakthroughs or solving societal problems? Then the TU/e Honors Academy is just the thing for you.