Information about coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 1, 2020

Last verified: September 9th 2020 at 16:15h

TU/e follows the developments concerning the coronavirus closely and will provide updates on this page. We are in close contact with the GGD and RIVM and follow their guidelines. We are a personal university and believe it is important to ensure the safety of students and staff. 


All current measures

  • Education
    • In this timeline you can see what is possible again on campus from August 31st . In addition, we have established general policies and event rules to keep the campus safe from corona. Always follow the guidelines of government/RIVM and keep your social-distancing appropriate to the 1.5-meter society. In case of colds, coughing or, fever you stay at home. In case family members that you are living with have a fever or, housemates you should also stay home. You can come back to the campus when you or your housemates are fever -free for at least 24 hours. Where necessary, we have taken...

  • General and Operations
    • In this timeline you can see what is possible again on campus from August 31st . In addition, we have established general policies and event rules to keep the campus safe from corona. Always follow the guidelines of government/RIVM and keep your social-distancing appropriate to the 1.5-meter society. In case of colds, coughing or, fever you stay at home. In case family members that you are living with have a fever or, housemates you should also stay home. You can come back to the campus when you or your housemates are fever -free for at least 24 hours. Where necessary, we have taken...

  • Research
    • In this timeline you can see what is possible again on campus from August 31st . In addition, we have established general policies and event rules to keep the campus safe from corona. Always follow the guidelines of government/RIVM and keep your social-distancing appropriate to the 1.5-meter society. In case of colds, coughing or, fever you stay at home. In case family members that you are living with have a fever or, housemates you should also stay home. You can come back to the campus when you or your housemates are fever -free for at least 24 hours. Where necessary, we have taken...

Campus rules and regulations

Now that a new academic year has started, we focus on the rules for the 1.5-meter university. We try to indicate as clearly and precisely as possible what is allowed and possible. In all cases we count on your common sense and sense of responsibility. A safe campus starts with you. For more information on the following topics click on the button: timeline & rules of conduct, events, ventilation and education.  

Timeline TU/e measures to gradually open the campus

Info and Contact

We are a personal university and care deeply about the wellbeing of our students, staff and partners. You can reach us via Whatsapp or email. 

All updates


Since the outbreak of the Corona crisis, the Central Crisis Team has met at least once a week. In this way, decisions could be made, or prepared quickly, to safeguard the progress of our education and research and to ensure the safety of all. Weekly we shared all relevant information via email. 


On Monday we opened the Academic Year with a talk show. A different opening from other years, but worth watching for that very reason. If you still want to watch the talk show, you can do so via this link. Last week we communicated rules of conduct: these remain in full force. We conclude that this week went quietly, so there is no reason to adjust the rules of conduct. 
The following topics will be discussed in this update: A safe campus starts with you, there is more open on campus, Corona survey, IT tips for recording in MS Teams.  

A safe campus starts with you  

  • We are all jointly responsible for keeping the campus safe and thus ensuring continuity of education and research. So, stick to the rules; be aware of your own behavior.  

27 AUGUST, 18:00H

With the opening of the new academic year on our doorstep, this update focuses on the rules for the 1.5-meter university. We try to indicate as clearly and precisely as possible what is allowed and possible. In all cases we count on your common sense and sense of responsibility. A safe campus starts with you. The following topics are covered in this update: timeline & rules of conduct, events, cleaning, ventilation, canteens, education and outlook.  


Throughout the corona period, we developed a timeline, which now concentrates on the period from August 31, the opening of the academic year. In this timeline you can see what is possible again on campus from that date. In addition, we have established general policies and event rules to keep the campus safe from corona. 

20 August, 12:30h

In this short update we mainly have information about the academic year that is about to start. Next week we'll have information about how we're going to use the buildings on campus again and what that means for the rules of conduct on campus. The following topics will be covered in this mail: limit crowding, USE, financial compensation for students, and IT updates.  

The introduction period for the bachelors has started. The activities on campus are going well, the rules are well complied. Of course, we are very happy with that, compliments to our students on how they take their responsibility.   

Limit crowding 

We want to keep as close an eye as possible on who is in the buildings in order to avoid crowds. We are going to do this from the opening of the academic year onwards by using the Book-my-Space reservation system, among other things.    

13 August, 13:00h

There were no updates in the last three weeks. However, we have been very busy behind the scenes. We would like to inform you about the decisions and developments that have occurred since our last communication. We have also translated the measures from the press conference of the central government on August 6th to the TU/e. In this mail the following subjects will be discussed: making progress corona-proofing buildings on the campus, adjusting the selection model for exchanging travel expenses, quarantine rules, and the introduction weeks.  

Corona-proof back to campus  

Over the past few weeks, the buildings on campus have been scrutinized to determine how corona-proof work can be carried out for each building. In the week of August 24th we will share the building-specific measures with you via our website. More information will follow next week via this weekly mailing. We will also share the general rules of conduct in order to be able to work safely together on campus.  

15 July, 18:00h

In this mail the following topics will be discussed: education desks, schedule Q1 and Q2, relaxation of Bachelor-before-Master rule, graduation ceremonies, outdoor signage, video recording in Teams, re-evaluation of Zoom, new functionalities in Teams and Summer updates.

Opening education desks from Q1 onwards 

The central and departmental education desks, except for ESoE, will be open again to a limited extent starting August 31st. You can visit them five days a week from 12:00 to 14:00.

Schedule Q1 and Q2 

The schedule for Q1 and Q2 is ready. Although we are no longer bound to specific times due to public transport restrictions, the limited capacity of rooms does of course force us to make substantial adjustments. We have succeeded in providing every bachelor and master student with at least one course on campus. For first-year bachelor students, we try to make a second course possible on campus. Besides those courses on campus, the other education will be online.

The timetable is in ‘my timetable’. The educational activities on campus are indicated by providing the room number, the online educational activities have a reference to Canvas for more details. In the second half of August, we may add an extra course to the on-campus activities. 

Temporary adjustment Bachelor-before-Master rule

We want to prevent study delay due to the corona crisis as much as possible. We are therefore taking various measures. One of these measures is that we made temporary adjustments in the Bachelor-before-Master rule, i.e. the transition from a bachelor's or, pre-master's program to a master's program. If you want to make use of this temporary arrangement, make sure that you submit a re-enrolment request for the bachelor's or, pre-master's program for which you are currently enrolled, as well as a new request for enrolment for the master's program, no later than July 31st. Read here what this temporary relaxation means for you.

9 June, 15:00h

We have received a lot of mail from employees and students who volunteered to make the campus Corona-proof. For this we would like to thank all of you who applied!

Joint responsibility to prevent an outbreak

We noticed the past weeks that it is becoming increasingly difficult to respect the one-and-a-half-meter rule with outdoor drinks. We would like to call upon everyone once again to take your responsibility. So that together we can continue to create a safe campus. 

As we know, from June 1st it is possible for everyone to test for Corona if you experience symptoms of Covid-19. We certainly advise you to do so. This will become even more important when colleagues return from holiday, and when we will return to campus in larger numbers in the new academic year. If you test positive, you will be notified by the Public Health Service (GGD). We urge you to carefully follow the instructions of the GGD. The TU/e, as employer or, educator does not receive any information from the GGD about infections on campus. However, colleagues can be contacted via the GGD contact survey if they have been in close contact with an infected person. More information about tests and test locations can be found on the RIVM website.

If you go on holiday to countries with code red or orange, please know you are going at your own risk and expense. The government prescribes that after travelling in these red or orange labelled  countries, you quarantine for two weeks. This also applies if your holiday country changes color during your stay. We urge you to comply with this rule. Only together can we prevent a potential outbreak on campus. The current travel advice can be found on the website

1 July, 18:30h

We are in full discussion with the regional transport companies to translate the relaxed measures of the central government to TU/e. We are doing our utmost to provide news about the timetable as soon as possible.  

As indicated last week, TU/e buildings will re-open in phases. We understand that everyone wants to go back to campus, and that companies seem to be opening up faster than our campus. Opening our extensive campus, in which buildings fulfill multiple functions at the same time (educational spaces, workplaces, research facilities, meeting rooms) takes a lot of time. We are grateful for your understanding. We are looking at and calculating for each building what is possible. The buildings all differ in nature and design. Especially the horizontal and vertical movements are important, think of the capacity of elevators, stairs and corridors. After the calculations, the control measures (walking route, hygiene measures, etc.) are implemented per building. According to the planning, all buildings on campus will be Corona proof before August 24th.  

Outdoor events allowed on campus  

Earlier we informed you that events in the TU/e buildings during summer (until August 31st) are not allowed. Outdoor events on campus are possible. The maximum number of participants without reservations is 250. More participants are only allowed with a reservation system and a health check in advance. The 1.5-metre rule must always be met. In all cases it is important to register your event in advance so that we can monitor the safety and number of people on campus. To register, please send an email to (subject: Events).  

We are in discussion with the municipality about the Intro, to agree what is and what is not allowed within their guidelines and permits. We understand the wish of study associations to organize activities in the city for the Intro kids, now that the measures have been relaxed. In the coming week we will fine-tune what is and is not allowed and who is responsible. Together we want to prevent that just that one drink or, that one party too much, leads to stopping the whole Intro week.   

Travel ban on study and business trips still in force  

Although the central government has decided to allow travelling within Europe, we at TU/e are still maintaining the existing travel ban for study or work, at least until August 1st, possibly even longer. We aim to work together with other Dutch universities in this respect and next week we will ask them their position on this topic. We will offer more clarity next week.  

25 June, 20:00h

In yesterday evening's press conference of the national government, several measures to ease the restrictions were announced. We will look how to translate these specifically for the TU/e in the coming weeks. Think for example of lifting the restriction not to travel during rush hour. We are, of course, very pleased with this measure, and will now make local agreements to organize as many options as possible in public transport. As soon as we have clarity about this, we will translate it into the schedule. Of course, we will communicate the new schedule when we can. We are also going to work out how to expand the possibilities for events at the TU/e. Especially for the Introweek, this seems to offer opportunities, which may enable us to offer the new students more experience on the campus.   

Changes in timeline 

The past few weeks we have been working hard to further open the campus. We are happy that we can take another step. Of course, always within the guidelines of the RIVM. The most important thing is that you show responsibility for your own health and behavior. So, stay at home when you have a cold or fever, get yourself tested, and actively comply with the hygiene measures.   

July 1st; Vertigo, Helix, Gemini/Ceres, Flux/Cascade/Spectrum open to researchers   

From July 1st, researchers can use their own workplace or, study room on the days they were already on campus to work in the lab. Scientists carrying out non-lab related research, and are working in these buildings, will also be able to work in their offices for one day a week. This concerns office spaces in the buildings Vertigo, Helix, Gemini/Ceres, Flux/Cascade/Spectrum. A planning will be made for each building/department.   

Metaforum and Atlas are not yet widely accessible. Setting up safe walking routes in these two buildings takes more time, as there are many flex-spaces (Atlas) and study places (Metaforum) in these buildings. Next week we hope to be able to set a date for the scientists who work in these buildings to return to your workplace.   

From July 1st there is also the possibility to work on campus if you have trouble working from home. This has been actively surveyed. Based on the number of requests, this can be accommodated.  

September 1st – support staff  to the campus   

Earlier we communicated that from September 1st we can also make other workplaces available, for colleagues in business operations and support. We expect that this is possible for everyone for 1 day a week. The management teams of departments and services will work out the schedules for their own departments.    

18 June, 18:00h

Exam Period Q4  

Next week the exam period of Q4 starts. We wish everyone good luck with the preparations.   

All responsible teachers who use online proctoring via Proctorio in the upcoming exam period have received an e-mail with the latest instructions. Did you not receive this mail? Please contact us at   

In this video we will show you how to prepare for an exam with online proctoring via Proctorio. This information can also be found in the checklist. Do you still have questions after reading all the information? See if your question is in the FAQ or contact us at    

12 June, 17:30h

Just before the weekend starts a new update.    

Studium Generale   

We reported earlier that missing of compulsory USE-Studium Generale-points will not lead to study delay. If you are unable to graduate in the period from March 9th to August 31th 2020 because the USE activities of Studium Generale could not be offered (online), you may submit a request for exemption of this component to the examination board.     

Exchange program  

Due to the limited travel possibilities, the ever-changing travel advice, and the risk of new restrictive measures, we have decided not to allow exchange programs for incoming and outgoing students until February 2021. Following courses at partner universities in EEA and non-EEA countries is therefore not possible until February 2021. This also applies to internships and (research) projects in non-EEA countries. Applications to start an internship or (research) project in Q1 and Q2 within an EEA country are possible as of August 1st, but your Dean must give you formal permission. Your department will inform you regarding the conditions. If you have already registered for an exchange program starting in Q4 or Q1, you have already received an e-mail from your department.    

5 June, 13:30h

We inform you every week about the consequences of Corona for the TU/e. As we are nearing the examination period Q4, this week we are providing information aimed at students and teachers. Next to that, we would like to bring your attention to the TU/e Together platform.  

Paying attention 

We understand that it is a difficult time for many. Studying is suddenly very different from what you're used to, motivating yourself is not easy, and worries about your study progress can be stressful. PhD's also have concerns about progress and the consequences for their future. We recognize your concerns, and like engineers, we prefer to solve everything quickly. However, we know that stress and worries are not always possible to solve and therefore we would like to encourage you to keep going forward with your efforts.   

We also pay attention to our teachers. Unbelievable energy and dedication have been and continue to be put into making our teaching online, adapting exams, and looking ahead to the new academic year. We understand that your reserves are not inexhaustible. In the Work & Welfare thinktank, we specifically look at how we can reduce the workload for you. 

26 May, 15:30h

Since May 6th, the campus is again, with limited access, open for PhD students who need entry to the labs to continue their research. It is good to see that this is working well. The rules are being followed and these researchers are happy with the possibilities offered to them. Delays in their research are kept to a minimum.  

Last week, the central government indicated that the planned relaxation of measures can go ahead as of June 1st. For TU/e, this means that working from home will remain the norm for most employees and students for the time being. The timeline as shared last week remains valid. 

Q4 online education 

The Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences consulted with the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science about the accessibility of the campuses. The use of public transport is an important point of attention here. The government has stipulated that the universities may only start and end their educational activities between 11.00 -15.00 hours and after 20.00 hours. There seems to be room for customization at the regional level. We are in contact with the Safety Region and public transportation providers for the concrete details and possibilities of customization. We do this together with Fontys and Summa, the other two large educational institutions in Eindhoven.   

We understand everyone's urge to go back to campus, also for education and exams. Especially for proctored exams, there is an understandable desire to organize these differently. However, as mentioned before, all our education, including exams, remains online in Q4. We have decided this because the current time slot for educational activities on campus (including exams) is not compatible with the exam schedule. It is not excluded that students may have to take two exams in one day, which may lead to a scheduling conflict. There is also no procedure yet for taking proctored examinations on campus. All available capacity to arrange such a procedure will be used to set up a more hybrid form of examination for Q1 in the new academic year.   

14 May, 19:00h

Last week's national government press conference offered the prospect of a little more freedom of movement, provided the figures continue to develop well and we keep the virus under control. We understand that everyone at our university is also longing for perspective.   

Timeline TU/e  

We are coordinating nationwide with VSNU and OCW, which leads to the following timeline for TU/e in the coming months. We will gradually open the TU/e-campus, giving priority to the primary processes in education and research, but also devoting attention to other activities. Everything, of course, within the guidelines set by RIVM and the government. If changes occur as a result of government or, VSNU decisions, we will adjust the timeline.  

For the infographic with timeline, click here. Read the detailed information below.

6 May, 18:00 h

Today, a very limited group of PhD's, postdocs, PDEngs and supporting lab staff has restarted in the labs on TU/e-campus. This to avoid too much delay in their research. So far, this start-up seems to be going well. It's positive to see that everyone sticks to the rules, and the number of colleagues in the labs remains limited. We emphasize that working from home remains the norm. 

If tonight's government press conference leads to new measures or changes that could also have an effect on TU/e measures, we will communicate this soon. 

Online education  

We have previously decided that education will remain online until the end of the academic year, including the exams. There is currently a lot of attention in the media on proctoring of exams. As TU/e, we do not recognize the negative sentiment in these articles. Of course, we acknowledge concerns about privacy, but together with our students we have had a careful process. Proctoring of exams was only used where there really was no alternative, and with all the care that was needed. For Q4, we have designed teams to look into possible improvements.

29 April, 18:30h

As announced at the end of last week, we will carefully re-start parts of the research next week. In this mail we will give detailed information about this. Furthermore, we will provide information about IT security, Student Financial Support and NWO. 

Very limited opening from May 6th   

From May 6th, we will open our laboratories on very limited basis. They are only accessible to PhD's, postdocs, and PDEngs who depend on access to these laboratories for their research. In this way, we want to help minimize the chance of delays in their research. The personnel needed to enable work in the lab will also have limited access. Each department has drawn up a list with colleagues that have been granted access. They will be contacted. 

We would like to emphasize once again that working from home is the standard. Only this very limited group is invited, under strict conditions, to come back to the campus on a restricted basis. Education remains online, all other researchers and employees work from home.   

The managing director of your department is giving very limited permission to a selected group of people, after which the campus pass of these colleagues is reactivated so that they can enter their building. It is important to report to the reception desk upon entry and departure. This way we know who is in the buildings in case of a calamity or, to simplify contact if someone turns out to have Corona.  

On campus we always follow the guidelines of the national government and the RIVM. Where necessary, we have taken specific measures. This leads to the following behavioral protocol:  

24 April, 14:00h

Over the past few days, intensive consultations have taken place at all levels, including on the national level. This has led to some important results. We would like to share these with you before the long weekend starts.

Limited opening of labs from May 6th

The measures taken by the central government have been translated into a shared vision of all Dutch universities. It has been jointly agreed that for the time being, research activities that can take place from home will continue to take place from home. However, there is also limited room for research on campus. It has been agreed between all Dutch universities that the research of PhDs, postdocs, and PDEngs has priority. Health care research or, contributions to improving the corona situation will also be given priority.

For the TU/e, this means that from May 6th we will open our laboratories to PhD's, postdocs, and PDEngs who depend on access to these laboratories for their research. We want to help minimize the chance of delays in their research. The staff needed to enable work in the lab will also be given access. An inventory is made per department, these colleagues are granted access with the permission of the managing director. The working method may differ per lab. Some labs will work with shifts, for example. More information will follow via the department next week.

22 April, 18:00h

The exams in Q3 are finished, in general we are satisfied with our initial experience. Assessing the exams takes a bit more time than usual, we are doing everything we can to send students their grades on time. Currently, there is a lot of media attention for the online proctoring of exams. We have also done some interviews, explaining what went well, but also mentioning points for improvement.

Q4 has now started online and is running smoothly. As communicated earlier, all of Q4 will be online, including the exam period. If and how we can start the new academic year on campus is not yet clear. However, a TU/e think tank is already exploring the possibilities, so that we are as well prepared as possible for all scenarios.

17 April, 15:30h

We are still in the midst of exams. We know that it can be stressful for students to be tested with online proctoring, but we also see that this tension decreases as soon as several exams have been taken. This is good to see. We wish you good luck with the exams ahead. 

Q4 online  

Monday starts Q4, fully online. Whereas in Q3 we were only online for a few weeks, this is different for the last quartile of this academic year. It requires a different way of studying, and it also requires something different from our education. Surveys among our students show that you prefer live streaming and like to see long lectures cut into shorter parts, to prevent fatigue. We meet this need where possible. There is also the desire for each course to clearly indicate what online education will involve, so that proper preparation is possible. Canvas is your source for this, there you can find an explanation for each course.   

9 April, 14:00h

We're in the middle of the exam period. We did have a significant problem with an online proctored exam with Proctorio on Monday evening. This was due to incorrect settings at the supplier side. Extra checks and additional measures on Tuesday ensured that this did not happen again. We truly regret the tension this caused to students and the teachers involved on Monday evening. We have been in contact with all the students involved. Clear agreements have also been made with the supplier.   

We realize that this form of examination still raises concerns and questions, and unfortunately is not completely event free. For instance, uploading still causes problems. We understand this causes stress and disappointment to those who have been affected by these issues and we apologize for this. We are working hard to find solutions. Students and teachers will receive an email from ESA in which we indicate even more specifically what possible issues can arise with online proctoring and what to do next. In this way, we hope to offer more clarity and guidance.   

1 April, 17:00h

Yesterday during the press conference of the central government, the extension of current measures against the coronavirus were announced. This extension is necessary to control the spread of the coronavirus, to protect vulnerable groups, and to ensure that healthcare providers and hospitals can cope with the great pressure. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW), together with the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU), and the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (Vereniging Hogescholen), has published a press release containing the translation of these measures and what it means for higher education.

Working from home up to and including April 28th

27 March, 19:00h

At the end of this week a number of important decisions have been taken. Therefore, we are sending you an update just before the weekend. First of all, we realise that there is a great deal of uncertainty about the various dates communicated by the central government, and what they mean for access to the TU/e buildings and working from home. As TU/e, we have decided not to pre-empt any new government measures. We are awaiting the promised press conference on March 31st before we can and want to provide clarity about the duration of working from home and restricted access to TU/e buildings. We understand that you are eager to have certainty.  However, we are grateful for your patience and understanding.

Binding Recommendation on the Continuation of Studies (BSA)

On March 19th, the Minister of Education, Culture and Science announced that the issuance of a negative binding study advice by universities would be postponed to the second academic year. After a careful process in which the University Council is also involved, the Executive Board decided to implement this as follows for TU/e:

25 March, 13:00h

We resumed our education online this week. The first reports are positive, there don't seem to be any major hiccups. Naturally, we are very happy with this.

We would like to inform you about new measures, decisions we made after national consultations between universities, and yesterday's press conference of the national government. For each measure, we will also try to provide some background to the decision. A survey we conducted among the TU/e student panel revealed this need. Feedback to which we are happy to respond.

Online education

After consultation with the other Dutch universities, we have decided to keep the education up to and including the exams in Q4 online. In order to provide clarity for both students and instructors, we think it is important that this decision is taken. 

20 March, 16:30h

First of all, we would like to thank you for your speed and flexibility in closing our buildings. We are grateful to everyone for all the effort you have given to accomplish this.

In this update we focus on a variety of topics. Based on the principle of openness and transparency, we share everything with both students and staff. We ask you to extract the information that is relevant to you.


On Monday, March 23rd we will resume teaching online. In Canvas you can find information for each course about how it’s offered online and what you need to do. 

There are understandably many questions from students about the coming period, considering exams, planning, etc. We want to respond leniently to this situation. Existing regulations and guidelines do not always meet this requirement. We have therefore decided on which points it is possible to deviate from these regulations and guidelines. We have put all the information together conveniently in the Q&A.

17 March, 16:00h

Yesterday we informed you about the necessary decision to apply an extremely restricted access policy to the buildings on the TU/e campus from 17 March 17.00 hours to 7 April 7.00 hours. In this update we would like to share in more detail what that means for the upcoming weeks. It is a long update and perhaps not everything is equally relevant to you. But because we think transparency is important, we are sharing everything with everyone. If you have any questions that are not answered in this update, or that are not in the Q&A, be sure to contact us via whatsapp or email. We'll stay available there, even on weekends.

Extremely restricted access to buildings means:


16 March, 18:00h

Today there has been intense consultation between the Executive Board, the Central Crisisteam (CCT) and the deans. This resulted in the following important decision: 

Extremely restricted access to buildings

As of Tuesday, March 17, 18.00 hours until Tuesday, April 7, 07.00 hours, all TU/e buildings will have extremely restricted access. During this period, access to buildings is only possible with the explicit permission of the (managing) director. After permission has been obtained, the security department provides a so-called VIP authorisation. 


15 March, 21:30h

Tonight it has been announced by the Government that all schools and catering establishments in the Netherlands will be closed up to and including 6 April. All people in the Netherlands are asked to keep an appropriate distance from each other.

Work from home

13 March, 20:30h

This update was made in response to the TU/e Central Crisis Team (CCT) meeting and the press conference of Prime Minister Rutte.

We see that the situation is developing very quickly and believe it is important to act pro-active. We are now sharpening the policy for the TU/e, which may lead to different guidelines  than previously communicated. We believe it is important that everyone adheres to these new measures. We realize that this is an exceptional situation. It is impressive to see how hard everyone is working and in what spirit of collaboration.


13 March, 13:00h

Many questions come in from students and staff. Thank you very much for that, please keep sending in your questions via or whatsapp 06 41683406. It helps us to improve our communications to you all. Through this mailing we would like to give some more clarity about some practical matters. These will also be included in the Q&A, which is constantly updated. Some questions can’t be answered at this time. We will use the education free week to be able to answer those questions.

So far we have received a lot of understanding for the measures Eindhoven University of Technology has had to take, which is much appreciated. It's good to see that this period leads to a lot of creative solutions. We are aware that many people have to work extra hard to prepare for online education and to be able to continue business-critical processes, thank you very much for that.

12 March, 20:30h

Today at 3:15 p.m., the Cabinet again announced measures to further contain the Corona outbreak. They advise to offer large-scale lectures online if possible. They also announced the measure that the whole of the Netherlands will work from home as much as possible up to and including 31 March. In case of mild complaints (coughing, sore throat, fever) they still advise to work at home. 

This has been further specified in the letter to the House of Representatives. It calls on universities to only provide distance learning at least until March 31. Tomorrow we will update this page based on the parliamentary debate. 

Decision of the Executive Board

Based on the Cabinet's advice, the Executive Board of Eindhoven University of Technology has decided to offer education online as much as possible. To make this possible, there will be no classes from Friday, March 13 through Friday, March 20. This means that from March 13 up to and including March 20 there will be no education for BSc or MSc students; no lectures and no practica.

11 March

As a consequence of the new guideline issued by Security Region Brabant yesterday, TU/e also sharpens its measures to help prevent the spread of the Corona virus. These measures are in place upto and including Monday 16 March.

In concrete terms, this means that events at TU/e not strictly necessary for education will not take place. This includes possible:

  • Diploma awards
  • Activities of Studium Generale that do not represent USE points
  • Social activities of study associations

We call upon other associations on and around the campus to act in the same spirit.

9 March

On 9 March at 19:00 the National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM) updated its guidelines for the province of Noord-Brabant. Their current guideline is as follows:

“The RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection) advises no more handshaking in the whole of the Netherlands. It also advises inhabitants of the province of Noord-Brabant to work and stay at home when work allows it. Education however should continue."

6 March

"The RIVM advises residents of the province of Noord-Brabant to limit their social contacts if they have a cold, cough or a fever. This means: stay at home."

If employees or students have symptoms of a cold, coughing, or fever, we request them to stay home and to not come to the campus or other places with many people. You can go outside to do necessary shopping, for example, but you have to make sure that you stay at a distance from others and do not make physical contact.