Industrializing the Energy Transition

TU/e works towards a sustainable world that produces enough energy for its consumption, unimpeded by scarce resources and without any impact on the climate. Our research will help pave the way for this challenging transition.

Metal Fuels - the green energy solution

The mission of our researchers is to enable clean, renewable energy for everyone at any time. They want to provide a solution to the energy management challenge, which has become the greatest barrier to a more sustainable energy system. Metal fuels have the potential to become the dominant circular energy carrier. 


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Lignin: an affordable alternative to oil

Our oil-dependence isn't very durable. The residual stream of paper- and bio-ethanol industries provide us with an alternative: lignin. Watch this video to see the unique approach of TU/e to tailor this sustainable lignin to the oil industry. One step closer to an oil-free world, making the energy transition a reality.

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Our student teams

TU/e has various student teams related to sustainable Energy; internationally competing teams as well as teams that focus on (local) energy related issues.

The Honors Energy Transition Track is hosted by the research area Energy with projects are related to three of the four thematic areas that can be found at TU/e: Urban Energy, Chemergy and Solar PV. 

Industrializing the energy transition

TU/e contributes to the progress of technical sciences and the development of technological innovations. Its research plays a significant role in the international scientific community.

The Energy research area contains over 300 people from 27 research groups are working on new energy technology. The focal areas are Future Fuels, Energy Conversion, Built Environment and Fusion Energy. TU/e is also working on this theme in the European KIC InnoEnergy alliance. Examples of recent developments at TU/e are tailor-made biofuels for cleaner combustion, glass that generates energy and polymer solar cells that efficiently convert sunlight into electrical energy.

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