Research Labs

Innovation begins with people. People who are open, passionate, curious, professional and connected. People who nourish dreams and ideas. It results in al lively community where knowledge and brilliant minds from inside and outside the campus actually meet and work together in order to do pioneering research on societal challenges and issues. In order to conduct this groundbreaking research, to attract outstanding scientific talent, and to train new generations of engineers, we have state-of-the-art research labs and facilities at our disposal, of which some are unique in the Netherlands, or even in the world.

  • Research Lab

    Atlas Living Lab

    Our research into intelligent lighting and climate systems contributes to a sustainable and comfortable working environment.

  • Research Lab

    Center for Multiscale Electron Microscopy

    The CMEM offers unique facilities for the study of soft materials and uses the knowledge gained to develop synthetic materials. 

  • Research Lab

    Center for Wireless Technology

    The CWTe facilitates research on wireless systems and antennas, raising the Internet of Things to a higher level.

  • Research Lab

    Darcy Lab

    The Darcy Lab offers unique MRI facilities specially equipped for researching the properties of technological porous materials.

  • Research Lab

    Equipment & Prototype Center

    The  Equipment & Prototype Center (EPC) makes custom experimental setups and prototypes for various fields of research.

  • Research Lab

    Future Fuels Lab

    In the Future Fuels Lab scientists are researching green fuels and cleaner combustion methods for engines.

  • Research Lab

    High Capacity Optical Transmission Lab

    The High Capacity Optical Transmission Lab facilitates research on innovative optical fibers and signal processing techniques to enable...

  • Research Lab

    Institute for Complex Molecular Systems Laboratory

    ICMS/Lab facilitates the development and characterization of innovative materials from a molecular perspective.

  • Research Lab

    Laboratory for Cell & Tissue Engineering

    The Laboratory for Cell & Tissue Engineering facilitates culturing of autologous tissues across the full spectrum of the research field.

  • Research Lab


    The Microfab/Lab facilitates the development of new micromanufacturing technologies for use in life sciences applications.

  • Research Lab

    Multiscale Lab

    The Multiscale Lab facilitates research on the micro-mechanical deformation and failure behavior of a broad class of (innovative) materials...

  • Research Lab


    NanoAccess makes it possible to produce, process and analyze innovative materials with nanometer accuracy, without releasing the necessary...

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    laboratory for Cell and Tissue Engineering, department of BioMedical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology

    Other labs and facilities

    Next to the 15 bigger laboratories, TU/e hosts many smaller research labs. We have grouped these labs by Department. Should you be interested in cooperation or using these facilities? We have indicated wether facility sharing is optional or not for each lab. For more information please contact the contactperson of the lab. You will find all information and contactpersons via the 'read more' link.