TU/e Holding

Serveral spin-off companies from the TU/e participate in the TU/e Holding. The companies derive from the intellectual property of the university. Many times, years of research have taken place prior to the formation of the company.

What does the?TU/e Holding stand for?

TU/e Holding implements the 'knowledge valorization' strategy of the TU/e by transferring technology to market and participating in companies. Entrepreneurial-minded students and employees of the TU/e are stimulated to start a business. Our aim is to make the companies succesful through coaching and advice. With these successful companies the Holding then contributes to the economic development of the Eindhoven Region. 

It's a win-win situation: TU/e receives impulses from market and society, and researchers contribute to new and smart products and services and knowledge sharing.

In sum, TU/e Holding helps students and researchers to utilize their knowledge for market and society. 

Organization of TU/e Holding

  • TU/e is 100% owner from TU/e Holding
    The private law structure has been explicitly separated from education and research. That way miscegenation and/or the misuse of public funding will be ruled out. 
  • The governance and day-to-day management is in the hands of a seperate holding management which is overseen by a supervisory board.
  • All assets from the holding are being transferred to the university (via dividends).