TU/e Innovation Lab

How can you bring knowledge to the market?

Where innovation starts. That is our slogan and it complements our knowledge development and education. We translate our academic and technological findings into solutions that help tackle societal challenges. Successful knowledge valorization gives us a position at the heart of the Dutch knowledge economy. But how can you bring knowledge to the market?

Business expertise center

We do that within our expertise center by translating knowledge to business. For this purpose we have an enthusiastic and experienced team of coaches, advisors and supervisors available to help TU/e staff and students as well as external parties.

Proven track record

We have a proven track record in knowledge valorization. In recent years our team has supervised:
? 115 spin-off companies
? 123 student companies
? 60 TU/e patents
? 60 patent licenses
? 500 third-party patents 

For on overview of our successes so far, you can refer to our factsheets.

Exploring possibilities together

We explore the possibilities together, write the business case, look for suitable forms of finance, establish business models and seek out possible partnerships. In this way we co-create solutions for societal and global problems around the themes of health(care), energy and mobility. 

Research Support Network

For researchers who need help with external funding for their research and the development of project proposals on a national and European level there is a new initiative: the Research Support Network. This network also offers support in establishing contacts with relevant companies (setting up consortia) and networks, and helps researchers with patenting and setting up contracts.

TU/e Campus

The TU/e campus is developing strongly, something that is expressed in the activities and in the campus grounds. It is a meeting place for students, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and high-tech companies. A place of national significance and international allure with  state-of-the-art research facilities. With plenty of scope for R&D-driven (start-up) companies. No longer on the basis of closed but open multidisciplinary innovation processes. And this can bring you benefits as a starter, company or investor. 


Do you have a good idea? Or do you have a pioneering design or invention? And would you like to know more about the transition to the market? Or simply just want to use the knowledge of TU/e? Then contact TU/e Innovation Lab. We will be pleased to help you on your way.