TU/e against Covid-19

A world crisis requires quick action, creative solutions and cooperation. Eindhoven University of Technology, known for its proven track record on cooperation with the medical world and industry, rises to the challenge. We have set up a platform where supply and demand, problem owners and solution providers, are brokered. The key resource is the creativity, brainpower and energy of our researchers, students and student teams: TU/e against COVID-19.

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Other TU/e Covid-19 initiatives

Improving respiratory support for COVID-19 patients with self-learning assisted ventilation

Ensuring COVID-19 patients in ICUs get exactly the amount of air they need to survive is far from easy. A new technique based on self-learning algorithms improves the performance of ventilator controls by a factor 10.

TU/e Summer University

The TU/e Summer University wants you to have a great summer during the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why they took care to offer fun programs with a serious undertone for all TU/e students and employees.

Using protein engineering for easy and rapid testing of coronavirus antibodies

Researchers at TU/ are creating a bioluminescent testing kit for coronavirus antibodies. Maarten Merkx talks about the research and why it is important.

Living with and after COVID-19

How do TU/e students think living with the coronavirus (or having lived with it) may affect our lives? And what role could technology play in all this? Join the contest!

Research into air quality in indoor sports facilities

How can gyms and other indoor sports facilities remain open during a possible second or third wave of the corona pandemic? We find out.

Using mobility data to predict a potential resurgence of Covid-19

Using statistical models and location data from smartphones TU/e researchers Remco van der Hofstad and Nelly Litvak are trying to predict possible outbreaks of COVID-19 at an early stage.

Ventilation settings to reduce indoor airborne transmission of COVID-19

Inhaling aerosoles is considered one of the probable causes of airborne transmission of coronavirus. Ventilation can help to reduce the risk.

Survey among thousands of homeworkers charts effects of coronacrisis

The coronavirus has forced many of us to work from home. Is it a utopian dream come true, or a disappointment?

UV-C radiation can render the coronavirus harmless, but is not without risks

According to Luc Schlangen, senior researcher at the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, UV-C radiation can play an important role in disinfection programs.

Pandemic researchers: recruit your own best critics

As researchers rush to find the best ways to quell the COVID-19 crisis, they run the risk of 'sloppiness'. Dani?l Lakens thinks he has a solution.

Intelligent lung ultrasound provides crucial support for COVID-19 testing

Using fairly simple ultrasound machines that are enhanced with artificial intelligence doctors will soon be able to establish whether a patient is suffering from severe lung disease.

How less daylight exposure affects sleep and health

With many of us working from home, we spend less time outdoors, potentially resulting in less exposure to daylight. Researchers at TU/e want to know how this can disrupt our biological clock.

Podcast series on effect of Covid-19 on research and teaching at TU/e

Several TU/e researchers discuss how to overcome the trials and tribulations of working from home.

Safe aerosol treatment system for children

Develop a safe way for medical staff to give aerosol treatment to young children with lung diseases and (suspected) COVID-19. Click for more info.

Social Distancing 2.0

In these times of COVID-19, many people are tempted to go outside for a relaxing walk, or to do some running or cycling. But be careful: it is best to stay outside each other’s slipstream.

What's the story with face masks?

We asked TU/e professors Kitty Nijmeijer and Bert Blocken what they think of this hotly debated issue.

Practical classes from home thanks to Remote Labs

Despite the closure of campus, a number of students will still be able to take part in practical classes during the upcoming quartile; simply from home.

Corona predictions TU/e data scientists attract huge interest

For six weeks statistician Edwin van de Heuvel published daily corona predictions on this website. The page was viewed almost 360,000 times.

TU/e Covid Engineering Fund

Alumni Relations and Eindhoven University Fund have set up a special fund to support our researchers and students. Make your donation here!

Keeping workers healthy and motivated during Corona crisis

Evangelia Demerouti has started a research project to see what strategies work best to help workers cope with the corona crisis.

Expert panel answers questions from hospitals

TU/e, TNO, VCCN and Royal HaskoningDHV are making available their expertise to help cope hospitals with urgent technical issues relating to the coronavirus crisis.

Building a regional network for the home production of anti-viral masks

Fabric4HomeMadeMasks aims to establish an agile regional network for the prototyping and home production of anti-viral masks, based on innovative 3d double woven fabrics and state-of-the-art design methodologies.

Chatbot for Maxima Medisch Centrum

Developing a chatbot for Maxima Medisch Centrum.


TU/e and other Dutch universities, together with governments, businesses and other partners, have launched a co-creation platform for the COVID-19 crisis.

Data sources COVID-19

RIVM has collected an impressive list of data sources on the current corona crisis, including data from TU/e. Check it out here.

Overview of other initiatives outside of TU/e

There are many initiatives besides the initiatives that TU/e facilitates. A brief overview can be found here.